A heart-centered journey in the spirit of Israel is a life journey…!


Heart-Centred Journeys in Israel

designed & facilitated by Yizhar Hass

An expertly guided journey in Israel, with the intention of going ‘beneath the surface’ of everyday life, can be a powerfully uplifting experience of travel and personal growth.  Still today, Israel holds the spiritual energy of holiness and secret mystical teachings that can lead to transformational experience and wisdom.  If you want to enhance your life, come to the Land of the Prophets.  If you’re looking for magic, Israel is a land of miracles, large and small. Traveling well, in a richly stimulating and authentic environment, becomes a journey of the soul.

A heart-centered journey in the spirit of Israel is a life journey…!

About Us

Derech HaLev – ‘Pathway to the Heart’ – is a holistic concept, developed by Yizhar Hass, encompassing an innovative approach to encountering life – and oneself – through journeys in Israel that take one beyond the usual travel experiences. We custom design special tours, workshops and events, which aim to facilitate meaningful experiences of personal growth, for individuals, families and groups. Derech HaLev has also crafted an approach to organizational development that many have found to be effective in increasing productivity and team building in a qualitative way.  We receive letters and calls from people who, sometimes years after they’ve participated, tell us about a real change in their life, their work – and their perception of themselves.

Derech HaLev journeys and workshops benefit participants by creating a deep emotional experience. The participants’ exposure to Israel elevates the Derech HaLev experience to a higher dimension. Derech Halev also offers the possibility of interacting with unique people who are living a way of life that goes beyond the ordinary.

journeys in Israel that take one beyond the usual travel experiences

Journeys in Israel that take one beyond the usual travel experiences

What We Do

We specialize in ‘heart-centred journeys’ and in-depth spiritual tours, workshops and events, that emphasize a strong contact with the place and the people experiencing the place. Derech Halev activities relate directly to the connection between the individual person (ha’Adam) and the place (ha’Makom) – and between a person and his, or her companions.

For example, by designing spiritual tours around principles of transformation; creating positive experiences; visiting unique communities who are living an inspiring way of life; finding uplifting stories and legends; designing activities geared towards creating a new vision for an organization; team building around identity and meaningful values.

“Bein ha’Adam ve ha’Makom, ve bein ha’Adam ve’Chavero”

All Derech HaLev tours and events are collaboratively designed. Each activity is customized according to the specific requirements and wishes of the client. With specially customized tours, together we can create fresh opportunities and special memories.  Derech HaLev conducts journeys and activities ranging from encounters of a few hours, to excursions lasting several days, including transport, lodging and meals. All are coordinated to provide the participants with a complete and empowering experience. Examples include:

‘Secular or sacred?’ – deep in the belly of Jerusalem
Special journeys for parent and child – eg. visiting places of family importance
What happens to you when you visit sacred, holy places?
Essence of the chaggim – genuine Freedom in Passover…the Inner Light of Hanukkah…
Art and creativity, poetry and music in contemporary Israeli life
Personal Biblical tours – imagine yourself in a biblical situation.
The desert, ‘Bamidbar’ – taking the road less travelled.
Hiking journeys for individuals, or groups. Experience exciting and unexpected encounters.
Coming of age in Israel – special barmitzvah/batmitzvah tours
… and weddings deep in the belly of Jerusalem…

When landscapes, stories and places inspire our internal process, then we are on a spiritual journey – a journey within…  Derech Halev offers the possibility of interacting with sacred wisdom and holy sites.  There are unique energies of ‘kedusha’, holiness in Israel. Inspired by the frequencies and special ‘light’ of the Holy Land, a Derech HaLev experience can elevate one to a higher dimension.  We have extensive knowledge of where and how to go, and who to meet… to discover an experience of deepening spirituality.

Participants visit well-known sites and stay at hotels, but also have the opportunity to stay in off-the-track houses and farms in the Negev and Galilee.  We’ll also visit people in their homes, people who have created a special life for themselves in Israel and have fulfilled their dreams –  people who are actively involved in interesting projects.   These will help you experience the essence of the land of Israel – and the positive essence within yourself.

Some trails and trips:

‘Heart-centred journeys’ in the ‘Heart of the World’ (Lev ha’Olam) – the ancient Judaic writings say that Israel is the heart of the world… and Jerusalem is the heart of Israel…
Old trees, sacred tracks and trails in the Galilee, Dead Sea, the Negev and the Arava
Living waters – springs with a tradition of ritual immersion and purification
Pilgrimages to the ancient burial places of the ‘tzaddikim’
Alchemy of Tel Aviv nights – contemporary Israeli culture on and off the street
In the footsteps of the leaders and teachers of Israel
Desert retreats – Quiet experiences in the Negev, Arava and Makhtesh Ramon
From the Meshek to Jerusalem – a special journey over three days
When places and stories inspire us… we’re on a journey within…

Every event has its special secret.  DH events focus on the ‘light’ and personal communication.  Excitement from the heart, rather than fancy pyrotechnics. Growing a sense of community. We choose uplifting places with a human story and a personal touch. We have our own special place, the ‘Meshek’ on Kibbutz Barkai – and we also work in other venues and nature sites all over Israel.Examples:

  • Meaningful birthdays – circles of true blessing in a beautiful setting
  • Story telling – for families, communities and organizations
  • Art festivals, artist workshops and master classes
  • Corporate games working with values – in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
  • Parties in private homes, or special venues, or out in nature
  • Barmitzvah-& Bat Mitzvah celebrations
  • Inside Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda – the real‘shuk’ experience
  • Circle of healers and mystics – events to open the heart and stimulate vibrant life energy

events to open the heart and stimulate vibrant life energy

Derech Halev conducts and operates several programs for organizations.  Some of the activities take place at the ‘Meshek’ – our special place on Kibbutz Barkai. We design special journeys and workshops to stimulate enterprise development and engender the desired values of the company.Examples:

Guidance and support for managers – growing and empowerment for workers
Tours combined with sometimes challenging activities – in nature, or cities
Wild life management meetings and workshops
‘Quantum Jumping’ – a leap forward for organizations
Traveling Leadership workshop in Jerusalem
ODT – Out Door Training and Vision Trails
… combined with sometimes challenging activities

Education out of love and respect for adults and children. Education on the understanding that we all need grace. Listening with love and acceptance it can all work beautifully. For parents, children and teachers.   We all need to be heard and appreciated. We all need to learn to listen…Examples:

Seminars for youth leaders from around the world
Workshops on conflicts in Israeli life
Conflict Resolution – workshops for youth groups
Finding a vision and personal strengths – for youth visiting Israel
Nature Day for special needs children
Speaking from the heart – workshop for teachers and therapists
A Dialog of Equals – special parents and children workshops and tours
Spiritual and alternative workshop in the desert and mountains near Eilat during the annual school/taglit tour
We all need to be heard and appreciated…
We all need to learn to listen…


Our workshops are tailor made, highlighting the special gifts and potential within every person. Using your treasures and relating them to every day. Our tools are: creativity, spiritual wisdom, working with nature and holy places and facilitating great conversions – learning through the heart.

A spontaneous, live experience is what makes the difference that excites and creates a beat… that renews life… For example:

‘Creator, warrior, connector’… different personalities within an organization – who are you?

‘The Gift’ – a process using special Derech Halev cards

‘Old Trees Trail’ – in and around the ‘meshek’ at Kibbutz Barkai

‘We Did It Together’ – two days of workshops and leadership skills + two days of activities around Israel, or abroad

… highlighting the special gifts and potential within every person

The Meshek

This is my  special ‘wild place’ on Kibbutz Barkai in the centre of Israel.

It started as a colorful hammock tied under the mulberry trees. And then, feeling that it's a good place, with the energy of growth, grace and relaxation – it gradually, organically grew into a ‘retreat’ space for group activities.

Birthdays. Workshops. Events. Games. Meditation.

A large area in beautiful nature, with a central cabin with wood stoves, sofas, rugs and cushions. There are ponds and organic fruit trees. Figs, prickly pears, lemons, grapes, mulberries and olives. There’s a teapot from Turkey, coffee pots from Jordan and North Africa. Fabrics from India. Sofas and chairs from old grannies on the Kibbutz. A lot of love and colors…

I would love you to come and be my special guests…

Derech HaLev trips and workshops benefit the participants by creating a deep emotional experience.


we had the privilege to guide..

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יזהר עם חומיאל

About yizhar hass

Derech HaLev (‘Pathway to the Heart’) was founded in 1999 by Yizhar Hass. He is a senior travel guide, a graduate of the Hebrew University in Philosophy and Hebrew Literature, with specialist seminars on the Techniques of Eastern Culture. He is also a student and instructor in the field of Jewish Spirituality. Yizhar served as commander of the IDF Information and Education Unit in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, where he conceived the idea of combining his extensive travel experiences with his passion for the diversity of cultures and spiritual approaches to life in Israel. Creating the opportunity for people to ’live life better’ is one of Yizhar’s primary goals for Derech HaLev.


A: Spirituality is humanity. If you are interested in people, you’re welcome.
A: Yes, of course. Very many children (with accompanying adults) participate in our tours and activities.
A: Sometimes even very simple activities – like cooking together, or sitting together in the right setting – can take us past our secrets and fears.
A: Yes, and more. We carefully choose the people we work with in order to provide you with the richest experience that we can.

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